The beginning of a new year offers a fresh start and a chance to usher in a positive change. New year’s resolutions are usually associated with personal goals, such as losing weight or saving money. This year instead — or perhaps in addition — you can resolve to take steps to refresh your home. A completed home improvement project, even a small one, can make a big difference in the comfort and enjoyment of your space year-round. For example, you can resolve to:

Let More Light in Your Home.

People tend to be more productive and happier when exposed to light. Try to allow as much natural light into your home as possible. Daylight provides access to vitamin D, a nutrient linked to fighting illness, heart disease and depression, as well as boosting weight loss. Simple ways to increase the amount of natural light in your home is to add reflective items such as mirrors and other shiny features such as cabinet hardware, glass tiles or glossy ceramic tiles in the kitchen or bathroom. For a bigger boost of sunlight, install a skylight to brighten up your home.

Create Green Spaces.

Plants can improve your overall comfort. There are many varieties of plants conducive to staying alive and well in your home. Popular types of indoor plants include aloe, English ivy, rubber tree, ficus and areca palm. If you’re looking for stylish ways to incorporate plants into your existing home décor, consider grouping plants in an odd number and select different sizes for an informal, inviting look. Plants with a variety of leaf colors, textures and pots can make your greenery arrangement stand out.

Organize Your Kitchen.

More home owners are spending time in the kitchen not only to prepare meals but also to spend time with the family or work. The first is step is to declutter your space. An orderly kitchen space will make it easier to find what you’re looking for and feel good about the space you live in. Before purchasing organizational tools, experts recommend removing all of the items in your kitchen. Sort kitchen items into three separate piles: keep, discard or donate. Once you’ve determined your essential kitchen gear, consider placing like items together in the same general storage area.

Add a Splash of Color.

You don’t have to repaint the entire interior of your home to make a difference in your décor. Adding a splash of color, such as painting an accent wall, can transform a space. Experts recommend pulling colors from existing features in the room you want to paint, such as bedding, to help you determine the best paint palette to work with. The color you select should flow well with the rest of your home. Hardware stores often have sample sizes of paint to test colors in your home or have paint swatches on hand with suggested color collections.